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Rental plant in trailer cleans pool for seals

7.4.2016 0:00   Greve

The normal facility of the seals in Copenhagen ZOO is under renovation. While this is taking place, the seals borrow the pool in the old polar-bear facility. This facility does not have a water-purifying unit. In order to ensure that the water in this polar-bear pool is fresh and healthy, the water passes through an ultra-filtration unit in a trailer from BWT. This unit removes faeces and organic material from the water. The seals will move back into their own pool after 2 weeks when the renovation is completed. 


Mobile solutions

Is your client rebuilding his plant, or in an urgent need of clean water? We are proud to show some of the mobile solutions we have available:


  • Softening unit 50 mᶟ/h
  • UF unit 20 mᶟ/h
  • RO unit 6.2 mᶟ/h 
  • Demineralisation unit 10 mᶟ/h


These units can also be produced for you to keep in your area.


Contact for more infomation:

Mads Maymann Jørgensen


Tel.: +45 43 970 234