Vand, hydrogen, oxygen og BWT

BWT på Aquatech 2013

14.11.2013 14:00  

This year at Aquatech, the world's largest water technology trade fair, BWT was represented twice. In addition to the BWT stand, the FORZE VI, the latest generation of full-sized racing cars to be equipped with a fuel cell was a real highlight of the fair. Hydrogen and oxygen - clean water and clean energy from BWT – For You and Planet Blue.


The hydrogen-powered FORZE VI – which stands for ‘Formula Zero’ emission-free motor racing – was developed by a team of researchers from Delft University of Technology and has a top speed of 220km per hour. Weighing in at a hefty 880kg, the car features a fuel cell system with a BWT FUMATECH high-performance membrane – a key function in completely emission-free energy conversion.


The electricity generated by the cell powers two electric motors that combine to achieve an output of 190kW (260PS), accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. Former Formula One driver, Jan Lammers, has been with the development team since 2009. In the run-up to the fair he had already declared himself excited by the progress of technology: “FORZE has dedicated itself to motor racing because it is well known that competition is what drives technical development. The advances of the last four years have been fantastic. FORZE VI is the first fuel cell car able to compete seriously with conventional petrol-driven racing cars.” Jan Peter Balkenende, former prime minister of the Netherlands also visited the Team guided by test pilot Leo van der Eijk, saying " I was impressed of all the systems within the car. It’s beautiful to see what this team has developed in just one year.” The fuel cell car is now gunning for current fuel cell car records.


On its stand BWT assembled the cream of its advanced water technologies, offering an impressive cross-section of the group’s water treatment expertise spanning applications from households through to those of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. This enabled them to promote the latest bestmax and bonaqua membrane filters and systems for water optimisation in the catering and vending sectors – available from BWT water+more – as well as the new Woda-Pure under-sink filter. Also being shown for ‘point of entry’ applications was the AQA perla ‘pearl water’ series, the new Rondomat Duo H water softener, including the very latest technology for new hygiene standards, and the highly-regarded OsmoVision/Osmotron system for pharmaceuticals. Further attractions were the BWT Gourmet table water filter with Mg2+ technology – which mineralises tap water with magnesium to provide a unique coffee and tea taste experience – and the new BWT E1 Single Lever filter, a ‘must-have’ for every home.


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