A design that won’t tolerate dirt and deposits.


Resistant and durable

The PVC surface of this plastic pool is resistant to different water properties. Even high water temperatures or salt baths cannot damage this material. The PVC pool is manufactured in one piece, with no joins or seams, making it 100% watertight. The dyed-through material ensures perfect colour retention, and the strength of the material provides a high level of stability. A pool you will have all your life!


Economical and easy to clean

High-grade thermal insulation up to a thickness of10cm ensures the pool can be operated economically, wherever it is installed. The perfectly smooth surfaces make it easy to maintain, as there are very few places where dirt and deposits can take hold. These pools are ideal for use in public areas and the hotel industry. Bathing enjoyment can be as easy as this.


Standard and individual solutions

A wide range of standard PVC pool sizes and different entry installations are available. Skilled builders can also satisfy individual requirements, as almost all pool shapes and sizes can be made on request. We have a solution for every need.